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A Winning Combination !

Soundoctor is the ONLY authorized “JL Audio Home & Professional Products” Dealer chosen to service the complex needs of the Global Audio community for FATHOM and GOTHAM series subwoofers. We offer authorized sales to Professional Recording/Mixing Studios worldwide.

Why? If you do NOT have an authorized distributor in YOUR COUNTRY then we can help.
To check the listing for YOUR COUNTRY, click here: www.jlaudio.com/dealers

We offer easy, safe, and secure international payment with any credit card, PayPal or direct international bank transfer - whichever you prefer.
We offer safe international shipping -
usually via Fedex
We offer before and after the sale technical assistance with design and setup.
Acoustics - We also work with a group of international Recording Studio and Home Theater Designers
50+ Years experience: Professional, Recording Studio, and Home Theater Design / Installation
  Here are JL Audio factory tour videos courtesy of SoundStageNetwork.com

To see pictures of the available JL Audio Models, click HERE

Audioholics named the JL Audio Fathom 112 as a "Product Of The Year !"
see it HERE

Ilkka Rissanen is an independent subwoofer tester in Finland who has turned speaker testing into its own art form. His relentless search for the truth cuts a swath through the lies, marketing claims, and misinformation often prevalent in this industry. He uses language easy enough for a lay person to understand yet incorporates the detail and graphic charts an engineer and scientist craves. His summary of the Fathom 113 is posted on the Home Theater Shack forum, HERE. His overall summary of the Fall 2007 tests are HERE. The homepage of the Home Theatershack Forum is HERE.

  Here are some links to the astonishing reviews of the JL Audio Subwoofers:
  Here's a review by Mike Levy at AudioVideo Revolution  Don't miss it - it's VERY comprehensive and carefully done.
  The Stereophile  click to open www.stereophile.com in a new window f113 review is on the newsstands! (You do subscribe, don't you? !!! )
it's also available here: Stereophile Review Sept 2007 by Larry Greenhill PDF 850k
  The Fathom f112 review by Wes Marshall at SoundstageAV.com
  The Fathom f112 review by David Waratuke at Audioholics.com
  The Fathom f113 review by Mark Fleischmann in Home Theater Magazine, April 2007 PDF 278k
...or view as an HTML page here: www.hometheatermag.com/subwoofers/407jlsub/
  The Fathom f113 review by Robert Harley in The Absolute Sound, March 2007 PDF 1Mb
  The Fathom f113 review from Home Theater Sound Magazine, October 2006. 2006 Product of the Year.
  The Fathom f112 review from Sound & Vision Magazine, November 2006.
  The Fathom f113 "Subwoofer of The Year"PDF 513k FROM The Perfect Vision Magazine  ( get the January 2007 issue )
  Bob Katz is a world renowned Mastering Audio Engineer whose accomplishments read like a who's who in the industry. He has just installed a pair of JL Fathom 112's and you can read all about it HERE !
  - Additional reviews will be posted as they are available and authorized. -
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Here's the random quote of the day... some about JL Audio subs, some about life...

JL Audio has a short but amazing video about their Introduction to Home Theater and their Subwoofer Technology.
You owe it to yourself to watch this video if you are contemplating the purchase of JL Subs.

The JL Audio User Manuals are a study into what good user manuals should be.
Here is the User Manual for the Fathom F112 and F113 Subwoofers PDF 1.4Mb
There is no plug-in for experience...
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