What do I do?

I visit people's houses, recording studios, mastering studios, and PROPERLY set up and integrate their system whether it be 2-channel, a Home Theater / Surround Sound system, or some combination, even "dual" systems. I advise on acoustics to get the most cost effective results. I custom make cables, HERE. I CORRECTLY aim the speakers and integrate the sub(s) and the system so that the resulting holographic imaging is the cleanest, tightest audio you have never YET heard.

The Soundoctor Makes House Calls  Please email me to find out more. barry@soundoctor.com


Project 1139

Spatial Dipole speakers, SVS 3000 subs,
corner DIY bass traps

Project 1025

Easy, straightforward, Focals and a JL Audio E112
...but wait...

Project 974

Legacy V speakers & the Wavelet processor;
SIX JL Audio f113's !

Project 731

A PLAYBACK system, not a MONITOR system -
let me explain

Project 679

Fantastic DIY subs, Gorgeous DIY acoustic panels, DIY diffusor, and... KEF LS-50's !!!

Project 582

Rockport Altairs, JL Audio Gothams,
and the promise of killer rock n roll

Project 300

Stunning Mastering Studio acoustics build,
Dynaudio M3's, JL Audio f112's

Project 246

Beautiful library room, Hale Speakers,
JL Audio CR1 Crossover, 2 x JL Audio f113's

Project 078

Crystal Recording Studio Los Angeles -
A long campfire story

more to come!
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