Celebrating 60+ years of recording studios, mixing and mastering studios, killer discos, small corner bars, hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms, houses of worship both large and small, home theater surround sound systems, pristine audiophile 2-channel systems, and even radio & TV stations!!
I am the world expert in subwoofer integration, with over 13,000 tech support cases, and yes, I'll post a kudos page soon, with some wonderful detailed comments!

SETUP / ADJUSTMENT / ROOM TUNING - The Soundoctor makes house calls!
Email me for details and we will set up a phone meeting.
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Room layouts, wiring assistance, grounding, equipment packages.
ACOUSTICS - We also work with a group of international Recording Studio and Home Theater Designers. If you need very cost effective acoustic solutions you should consult with me first.

AUDIO FILES - Cleaning up / Adjusting / Clarification / Forensic treatment of speech / spoken word files, for example podcasts, speeches, Radio Programs, narratives. No matter how odd your request might be, just ask.
I do NOT master / remaster music at this time, but can recommend experts.

The best way to get me is to email me!  barry@soundoctor.com
There is no plug-in for experience...
SOUNDOCTOR                  BARRY OBER           EMAIL: barry@soundoctor.com